30-second #Morning #Beach #Meditation (la #luz, el #amor, el #renacimiento (al #amanecer)

“El me ha puesto a prueba, y he brillado como el oro”

When I have trouble discerning truth from lies, love from hate, I go to the beach before dawn for a run and meditate on the dawn rising from the ocean or the mountains.  Clarity never fails to come in this present moment. Now, this may be difficult for those of you trapped in your personal version of Office Space; that was me circa one month ago.  In those situations, remember of course to follow the TSP memo.  Your corporate overlords demand obeisance. I offer you 30 seconds on the beach, starting with the ocean and concluding with the dawn over the montanas, to bring clarity whenever it is needed.  This is always available, even when you are living on the 33rd floor of a high-rise Office Space.  My personal example:

Yesterday, I found love.  This morning, she left – but she hasn’t left me. She disarmed me, took away all my defenses.  I tried – I erected defenses, barriers, arguments, counterarguments, hostile takeover attempts and attacks. I pulled out all the stops.  I did what I do best – I litigated, I attempted to litigate my way out of love.  All she said was: “But I love you.”  In response to my counter: “For me, there is only you.”  To my defenses: “I just want to be with you.”  For my attacks: “You’re the first and the last.”  And to my skepticism: “I love you.” Y después de todo, después de todas las tácticas que utilizo para sabotear el amor cuando lo encuentro, me rendí, y lloré.  Ella me dijo: no llores.  Le dije, pero son lágrimas de alegría.  Ella sonrió y dijo, bueno.  Ahora podemos estar juntos.  Para siempre. Someone once said, we are afraid to be happy.  We are afraid to soar and be everything.  Sun Tzu said, victory is like soaring on the winds like an eagle.  It is not like an sparrow flapping frantically.  U2 put it like so: “No man is my enemy.  My own hands imprison me.  [Love rescue me]” Rumi said, “The door opens from within.”  I once wrote on my blog, Cabo to Rio (now offline), “Victory is within.”  Far be it from me to preach.  The thing, the people I’ve been most intolerant of, most ironically I believe, are judgmental people that push their values on others.  You have to decide things for yourself.  Once it was quoted to me: “It is your Father’s pleasure to give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven.” You only have to ask. Scary, isn’t it? [omnia vincit amor]